Give birth to your online identity by listing your business with BizRank Marketing. We give you the power on how your business will appear across the internet. BizRank verifies your listing information to ensure it will be trusted above other sources. We list you quickly on sites that offer expedited service. We submit your listing through major data channels to provide the broadest possible syndication.

  • Overview

    Why Local Businesses Need an Online Presence

    It should come as no surprise in today’s technological age that many people are searching online for local business and services. According to Google, up to 73% of all queries performed in their search engine are related to local businesses. If your business does not have an online presence, you’re not connecting with many potential customers. This could result in these potential customers going to your competitors. With a proper online marketing plan, your business will always be the first to show up when a search is performed for services and products related to the type of business you operate.

    Online business directories are a way to get your presence known. With your business listed in one of these many directories, you can expect higher traffic and more visibility. Additionally, having a website that acts as a company billboard puts your business name out there where people who are looking for your services or products will see it. In much the same way that a billboard on the side of the highway advertises to drivers going by, having a presence on the web gives your business greater exposure.

    With the help of our services, you don’t need to know the ins and outs of Internet marketing. We will create your site, insure it’s listed in the many business directories online, and submit your business information to top data aggregators.

    Once completed you will be provided with a report outlining all the work we’ve done for you. Additionally, you’ll receive a report showing where you can be found on the web. This will give you an idea of just how many people might see your business on a daily basis.

    By establishing an online presence, you’re taking your business to the next level. With the advent of mobile technology, being able to be reached by your customers online is more important now than ever before. With our services, your business name will become synonymous with the products and services that you offer.

  • Verified Listing

    For many consumers shopping or looking online, the question of credibility always pops up in their minds. The internet can be a dangerous place when shopping for goods and services and not knowing if the business in question operates in an honest and professional manner will often keep potential customers from buying. Big brands usually get the sale because smaller localized businesses lack authority in the market place. Having your business verified is a great way to give customers the confidence they need to make a purchase.

    Consumers are more likely to work with those business entities which have identity verification. Receiving a verified seal means that online publishers will syndicate your business listing without hesitation. This seal can be used in any listing or on any page you have on the web. This sends a clear message to consumers and other businesses alike that you operate in a professional manner.

    Another boost for your business is third-party verification. Much like a bank, your business profile is run through a screening process to give your customers added assurance. Using databases of public record, your business history is reviewed for any potential negative information. If any negative information is found, the business can then address and correct that misinformation within the report. This way your business will be able to head off any potential problems that your customers might find on their own. You’ll then know that your business has a solid and clean reputation that potential customers can trust.

  • Quick Listing

    Sites like Yahoo, Google, Angieslist and Yellowbot, just to name a few, have a lot of trust and authority in the online marketing realm. Having your business listed within these sites provides you with a level of credibility that only the reputation of these sites can provide.

    An added benefit to these sites is that your business is listed quickly and will usually show up within two weeks of submission. Businesses not listed within these sites are missing out on a large number of potential customers. These sites are well known and are a vital part of any online marketing strategy.

    Quick Listing Submissions:
    Insider Pages
    Just Click Local
    Show Me Local
    City Search
    Mojo Pages
    Best Of The Web

  • Universal Listing

    The purpose of universal listing is to insure that your business is listed with the many online directories available to business owners. With mobile technology now in full swing, it’s vital that when people are searching for the type of service or products you provide, your business appears. Whether searching from a mobile phone, car or home computer you need your business name right up front.

    As a busy business owner, you don’t have the time to research and submit to all of the available listings. We can submit to these sites on your behalf so that you don’t need to worry about how you’re getting new customers, just that sales are increasing. Additionally, we can correct any misinformation that might already be out there. Left to chance, your online presence can contain a lot of incorrect contact information which leaves your potential customers frustrated and moving on to another business.

    Keeping track of all the online information relative to your business can be a daunting task. We use three major companies that are responsible for about 95% of the business information online. The information contained in their databases is responsible for most of the data you see for any given business. Acting as an entry point for the rest of the internet, we use these services to distribute accurate information about your business which is then fed out to many online listings. To distribute to these individual listings manually increases the likelihood of giving out erroneous information, not to mention the time involved to list your business one by one. Using distribution points means that the information being published about your business is consistent and correct. Additionally, we include information that many customers want to know such as hours of operation, payment methods you accept as well as your company logo and photos of your business. A detailed profile for your business can mean the difference between sparking a customer’s curiosity versus them moving on to someone else.

  • Completion Report

    Many companies offering online marketing services will promise a comprehensive strategy to get your site listed and ranked with major search engines. However, few will offer proof that they have done just that. We offer a report outlining all of the work that we have done so that the business owner can visit these sites and see for themselves what our services are doing for them.

    This report includes any profiles, directory listings, and blogs, video and social networks. Once you have this information, you can log in and add your own personal touch to your company profiles. You can use the social networking sites to announce sales, new products or new services. You can also take the opportunity to interact with your customers and learn firsthand what it is they’re really looking for. Being able to get direct feedback from potential customers is a large benefit and gives your customers confidence in your desire to provide premium service.

  • Visibility Report

    Having a visibility report gives you the window you need to know where your business name appears and how well it is received in the online world. Perception is a large part of customer confidence and you need to know where these listings and the information they contain are so that you can be sure that you’re getting the most exposure possible.

    A complete visibility report includes where your business is being displayed as well as where it needs to be added. Our reporting process evaluates your listings for any missing pertinent data and highlights other areas that need improvement. Additionally, the visibility report points out any listings that have not been updated on a regular schedule.

    Having multiple locations in different locales adds another level of complexity to maintaining an accurate online listing. Our visibility report shows a listing for each of the multiple cities or locations and provides a comprehensive evaluation for each one. The overall efficiency of the campaign is evaluated for each of the locations as well as the business as a whole and pinpoints problem areas needing attention. Therefore, the business owner can hone in on specific weak areas within the business and build their online presence to bring the location to a position of greater profitability.

    Inaccurate information for a business is detrimental to its reputation and professional character. Customers lose confidence in businesses who seem unable to tie up loose ends. Something as simple as an incorrect phone number can translate to thousands of dollars in potential losses. With a comprehensive reporting system, a business owner can stay on top of this information so that it will always be correct when a customer needs to make contact.

  • Claimed Profiles

    In the world of online advertising, anyone can claim to own a business and enter information that can be detrimental to the actual business. Consumers shopping online have become wary of many businesses because there’s no way for them to verify whether the business is legitimate. In many online directories, there’s a way for a business listing to be verified. This means that the business owner has reviewed the information and guarantees that it is correct.

    Having the seal of approval, gives potential customers the confidence to know that the business owner stands by the information contained in the listing. Internet business used to be done with a lot of anonymity. This anonymity left many consumers with no way to contact the business or report potential problems. This is why it is crucial for any business owner to claim their listing on many of the major sites. This way the business name doesn’t become attached to someone else’s business who doesn’t run it in an honest and professional fashion. Business names that are similar could cause some confusion in the mind of consumers and claiming your business listing on the major sites will prevent this confusion.

    We can claim your listings for you while providing interesting and useful information about your business. Once claimed, there’s no worry about another business claiming and potentially ruining your good name. Your profile for these listings will include photos and other media that is exclusive to your business so there’s no mistaking who the listing belongs to.

  • Profiles Plus

    Having your business profile on as many sites as possible simply means more exposure. Sites such as Yelp, AOL, Citysearch and Ask are a powerful way to get the word out that you’re open for business. We can create these profiles for you so that you are up and running. Once created, they’re ready for you to use to interact with your customers and provide additional information about your business.

    We’ll provide you with all you need to access these accounts to enhance and grow the way you do business. Once you enjoy the results these sites provide, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. When you consider how many people view these sites each day, you’ll realize just how many potential customers you could be reaching. You want your name to be synonymous with the goods and services you provide and no matter where your customers are, they can access these sites to find you when and where they need your services.

    If you have any doubts as to the power of these site listings, simply do a little research yourself to see just how often they come up in the search engine result pages. After using our services, you’ll see your own business name show up again and again.

  • Blogs & Video

    Blogging has become a normal way to share ideas and stories with the rest of the world. More than just a diary, blogging has also become a powerful way for business owners to share information about their industry with customers and business partners. There are many blogging sites that allow users to create a blog at no cost. We create a profile and set up a blog that you can use to keep everyone up to date on the nature of your business. Whether discussing the latest trends or new laws affecting your industry, your business blog becomes a source of news and information that others look to as a reliable source for details and information.

    Many of the major search engines give special consideration to those sites that are always delivering fresh articles and content. Information that is relevant to your business and that is kept up to date will consistently show up when someone searches on terms related to your business. This is why many business owners maintain a blog which provides links to the actual business website. If a customer is interested in buying after reading the blog, the links are there to send them to the main web page.

    Video is also a good way to spark interest and share information. Many consumers prefer to simply watch a video rather than read text. Having a video that showcases your business is an easy and yet effective way to attract customers. We can provide your business with a quick video that gives potential customers the information they need with vivid images and a professional voice over. This pays big dividends because having a video gives the perception of professionalism and top notch service. You don’t even have to have a website to benefit from the use of video. We can create a video that outlines and describes your business and submit it to all of the major video platforms such as Youtube, Yahoo Video and Metacafe. With videos you gain a lot of credibility with Google and other search engines and are often given priority when they deliver the search results. Sample Video HERE.
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  • Social Branding

    Social media is now a mainstay for internet savvy people who use these sites to connect with others and share information. Although the original intent of these sites was for people to share social happenings, they have quickly become a way for everyday people to be heard on various subjects. Tweeting or sharing opinions can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Word of mouth is one of the largest ways to get new business simply by customers sharing their experiences.

    Having their own social presence gives the business owner a way to address feedback as well as interact with their customers so they can stay on top of the latest trends. Social branding simply puts the business in the driver’s seat when it comes to influencing customer perception and maintaining a solid reputation.

    A good marketing tool, social branding also helps to prevent identity theft or trademark infringement. When you have claimed your business name on all of the social media sites, your position as being “one of a kind” in your industry is secure. Making your business name a social brand that you can control minimizes the risk to your reputation.

    With our services, you can claim your place in social media and not only insure that you maintain your good name, but provide the transparency and confidence that your customers are looking for. With real time communication, you’re providing your customers with the knowledge that you act with integrity and maintain good business practices. For more information view the FAQ.