Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Overview

Who is BizRank Marketing?

BizRank provides a single point of entry where you can create enhanced business profiles and for nominal fee per year verified data will be distributed to all major outlets including:

• Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing

• Online Yellow Pages (Superpages, Yellowpages, YellowBook)

• Social Networks such as Yelp

• Portals and Guides such as AOL MapQuest, CitySearch

• Cell Phones and Mobile (BlackBerry and iPhone)

• 411 Directory Assistance

• In-Car GPS Navigation and Telematics such as OnStar

Leads to hundreds of digital points!

Distribution Process

Can I see the process before I pay?

Yes. Simply visit the signup process to view the process on the site. (No purchase required) You can then start creating a listing. You will see the entire process, except the checkout process and of course the distribution.

Which Search Engines and Directories receive the data?

BizRank effectively feeds directly into such databases as infoUSA, Acxiom and Dun & Bradstreet, (3 of the top anchor databases in the industry) and are considered “trusted source” content by all major publishers and directories. They directly and indirectly reach over 250 points of distribution.

Can I control where the listings go?

BizRank is able to provide more certainty about its distribution by working with the vendors who provide the underlying databases to the publishers, so it is not possible to deselect specific sites. A principle of BizRank is to make the data freely available to all legitimate Search Engines and Directories in our industry in order for the business listings to be universally distributed. You may, of course, still claim your listing on individual sites if you prefer.

When can I expect my listing to start appearing?

As the Directories and Search Engines each have varying data refresh schedules we suggest 60-90 days as general guideline. Some directories may change the information within weeks, but others do not refresh their data for a month or two. We cannot control that, but we can assure you we will make the data available to the publishers and database vendors as quickly as their schedules permit.

What does “Quicklisting” mean and what sites are included?

Quicklisting refers to manual submission to approx 15 sites for faster visibility of basic information; business name, address, phone, website, and category. This is ideal for new/young businesses without much internet presence existing on sites such as Yahoo Local, Yelp, InsiderPages, Foursquare, MojoPages, Kudzu, CitySquares, Just Click Local,, Brownbook, Angie’s List, Community Walk, and SuperPages (we do reserve the right to add/edit this list periodically).

What if I already exist on some of these Quicklist sites?

The objective of quicklisting is to get the business visible where it does not exist already. A search is done for the business name and if found on these sites then we bypass so as not to create duplicate. Corrections and/or enhanced information (HOO, photo’s, etc. would be done by the business owner)


Will the directories use all of the data I send?

Some directories only publish the base information such as business name, phone, address and web address. However, we assure you that we make all of the data available to publishers, who are increasingly accepting more enhanced data.

Is there specific format, limitations, etc. when creating my listings?

As we mirror Google guidelines as a benchmark, there are character limitations for fields such as business name, description, products, etc. The site will guide you on this as you enter data for your listing. Use of plain text is recommended as special characters, trademarks, etc. will cause an error response. Please also refer to Best Practices guide.

Will I receive the login/account information for my listing in each directory?

Our submissions are via automated data feed so no user account is created by each directory. Our submissions are public, meaning we do not own or claim them so you have the ability to claim once published. BizRank does also offer a claiming service at for additional fee via our Professional package.

I already have owner verified/claimed listings on some sites. Will my submission to BizRank overwrite this or create a duplicate?

If you are submitting listings that are already claimed, this prevents us from further editing so changes will need to be made directly with applicable directory/SE. Be sure to submit to us the same content that you have submitted directly so that it will be viewed as a ‘match’ and avoid creating a duplicate listing. Although we cannot edit/change your claimed listings, our depth of distribution can offer further credibility to your business as the directories and search engines ‘spider’ the internet.

Reporting and Verification

How can I track my listing and what kind of reporting do you offer?

Unfortunately, the Directories and Search Engines do not have the capability to advise when they actually publish a listing. Again, you should use the general guideline of 60-90 days for verified listings. If your listing did not pass verification you would be advised within this time frame. However, BizRank offers completion reports containing detailed information about the work we’ve done for you: listings submitted, profiles created, links, and passwords. Completion Reports are a featured service of our Basic, Standard, Super, and Ultimate packages.

What process is used for verification?

For all of our packages this would be a phone verification from our key data partner infoUSA (identified as Express Update) to validate that the business name is as submitted, and to verify location address. (Note: refused calls will be considered unverified and will not be distributed)

What happens if my information cannot be verified?

This is a very rare instance for a real business. BizRank will distribute the listing with whatever level of verification has been passed; the benefit of this is that many publishers are expected to speed up publication without the need for re-verification. Important distributors like infoGroup will make at least three attempts to contact you if needed before notifying BizRank that it was unsuccessful. If that occurs, BizRank will notify you via the account section of your listing, and you will have an opportunity to adjust the information to ensure full distribution. There is no extra fee for this resubmission.

What is the “Verification” related to the verified business seal?

Our Verified Listing service provides your business with the benefit of high-level identity verification, giving consumers and publishers confidence in your legitimacy. After your business passes through our verification profess, we syndicate your verified listing through major publication channels and use it as the basis for other services such as QuickListing and Claimed Profiles. You earn a Verified seal for use in your business profile, on your website, in email correspondence, on your Facebook page, and wherever else you are managing your presence online. Usually 95% of businesses are matched this way and require no further contact. For those few that cannot be verified, you will receive a call or email from our partner Edentify which will attempt to corroborate your information with other business and government records.

Updates and Changes

How often can I make changes to my listing(s)?

Changes may be made at any time through your account login. However, remember that the directories will not update the information regularly. This is not a venue for promoting “weekly specials” or other data that changes frequently. You may be able to do that via the Coupon Link or other links; this update method is primarily for basic business facts such as name, address and telephone number.

Can I request a deletion?

A deletion may be requested if the business has ceased operations. UBL will send the request to the data vendors.

Will old listings be removed or updated?

BizRank is an effective path to correction due in part to our partnerships with anchor databases. As these partners are trusted source content to many of the major directories, by having correct information in our/their records, and via the depth of distribution, it will expedite the updating of accurate data. However, we cannot guarantee that every directory will be able to match/update for all erroneous listings.


Why is there a renewal fee?

Many directories and data providers require re-listing the data annually so we have to repeat at least part of the process. Some directories remove listings if they are not actively updated – it also helps keep data fresh and information about your business accurate.

What if I do not renew?

If you do not renew after the notices we send, your record will be removed from our “active” file that we provide to the directories. Different sites and distribution partners will treat deactivated BizRank listings in different ways according to their policies. Some may keep the listings active and some may delete the record, and this is beyond our control.

Can I buy a posting for multiple years?

To make sure you check your listing for accuracy at least once a year, and to better serve you and the public, we do not offer purchasing for multiple years. It also assures you that there will be no auto-rebilling.


Most of these sites allow me to load my information for free, so why do I have to pay?

Our value is efficiency, time savings, and depth of distribution. Many important venues such as 411 Directory Assistance, mobile phones and GPS navigation devices do not offer capability for public access to submit data. Our nominal fee is cost effective for any sized business.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal

What is your refund policy?

Our policy is that all sales are final.

What is your contact information?

BizRank Marketing LLC

406 W. North St.

Durand, Il. 61024